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Acklam Grange Way

In order to secure good and outstanding in response to Ofsted, we introduced the Acklam Grange Way launching in September 2014 to all staff. The Acklam Grange Way – how we work – at our school is laid down in a comprehensive document which covers all aspects of school life:


  • Self Evaluation and Quality Assurance
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • SMSC (Social, Moral, Social Cultural)
  • Achievement
  • Leadership & Management
  • School Services
  • School Organisation


This document is much more than a Staff Handbook, it is a working manual for how we expect staff to conduct their working life at Acklam Grange School in order to ensure consistency, rigour, common purpose and so success for our students and for the school.


What our stakeholders can expect

  • High Expectations and aspirations
  • Lifelong learning for all
  • Accuracy, honestly and consistency
  • Challenge and support for underperformance
  • Mutual respect


Classroom Expectations

Expectations of our students, ourselves and each other are high and focused on learning on success.

Mutual respect between all members of our school community underpins the Acklam Grange Way and depends on the examples we set. We all have positive contributions to make.

Relationships between everyone at every level are critical to our success so take the initiative:

  • Greet and be greeted
  • Smile and relate
  • Communicate

 Problems are normal where children are learning and testing boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Our success lies in how we deal with them.