Acklam Grange School Recruitment | Better Health at Work
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Better Health at Work

The North East Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of local employers in addressing health issues within the workplace.


At Acklam Grange School we promote a staff well-being programme, led by a NHS practitioner, and in partnership with the Local Authority:


A number of incentives we have to offer our staff includes:

  • Flu jabs and health checks
  • Workshops on nutrition, sleep, resilient thinking, time management and mindfulness
  • Fitness classes
  • Free breakfasts and breaktime refreshments
  • Excellent facilities with suited faculties, interactive whiteboards in every classroom, iPads, laptops and PCs plus subject specific technology to support learning
  • Well motivated students with a strong commitment to leadership, community, charity and supporting parents


The school has recently been awarded with the Bronze Award and continues to work towards further recognition in promoting health and wellbeing.