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Why Acklam Grange

Why Acklam Grange School?


Acklam Grange is a large and over-subscribed 11-16 Secondary School in West Middlesbrough with over 1450 students on roll. Under Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, our buildings opened in September 2010. We are a comprehensive and inclusive school with a focus on learning for all the family. A big school with a big heart our priority is our students’ achievement, empowering every child to exceed expectations and be the best that they can be. We have aspirational aims for academic excellence for our students, creating choices for them in their future career paths. We aim to develop balanced young people who share our school values.


AGS Pride encapsulates our school values and drives our students to succeed in every aspect of their lives. These are the five key characteristics that interweave through our curriculum and extra-curricular provision, forming the basis for everything we do at our school.


Our Aims and Ethos

Preparing our students for life in modern Britain #AGSPride


Students at Acklam Grange have the right to a broad, balanced and relevant education, according to their needs. We aim to offer them the best opportunity to achieve their full potential in every way. Staff, with the help of all stakeholders create the circumstances by which this happens. Our school seeks to meet the needs of everyone in our community. Equally, everyone is expected to support the needs of our community. It is the right of every individual at Acklam Grange to do these things without being hindered by others.


Pastoral Care and Transition


We care for every student as an individual and recognise that every child is different and equally important.
Our traditional values stem back through generations of families in our local community and beyond. Focused on family learning, our school is characterised by an ethos of respect for ourselves, each other and the community. Welcoming and friendly, we offer care, guidance and support throughout our proven pastoral family systems. Smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school is key to a child’s success. Our close work with our partner Primary schools ensures our already popular and widely recognised transition programme is supportive to both parents and students as they embark on secondary education.