Acklam Grange School Recruitment | Headteacher’s Welcome
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Headteacher’s Welcome

I am honoured to welcome you to Acklam Grange School, “a good school with outstanding features”. As you will gather from this prospectus and any visits you choose to make, our students’ academic progress and personal development, welfare and safety are a continual focus for all staff and at the heart of all that we do.


At Acklam Grange School we ensure that all students receive an inclusive education through a broad and balanced curriculum and are well prepared for life in modern Britain through:


• High Aspirations for all
• Excellent teaching
• Excellent student behaviour
• Outstanding personal development and welfare
• Rigorous safeguarding
• AGS Pride
• ARC Services
• Excellent community cohesion and local community groups
• Ensuring ‘no child’ ever gets left behind


I have high expectations of students and staff alike and I am confident that Acklam Grange School will continue to be a successful, high performing school across both Teesside and the country, through keeping our traditional family values at the centre of everything we do.


Michael Laidler, Headteacher